Jordan Village Improvements Project - Utility Relocations

Project Team
Walter Neubauer, project lead: email or phone 905-563-2799 ext. 278

Project Update (2020):

  • Detailed Design near completion
  • Utility relocations to occur in 2020
  • Updates will continue to be provided  on our dedicated Speak Up Lincoln page for this project as milestones of the project occur

Description of the Project

Planned improvements include:

  • A realigned intersection at 19th & King St. with a traffic signal
  • Main street pedestrian-friendly square/gathering area
  • A new street, Snure Lane, will be constructed between 19th St. & Main St.
  • Upgrading 19th St. & Main St. to a full urban streetscaped standard with a strong focus on:
    • Active transportation
    • Pedestrian safety
    • Traffic calming
    • Pedestrian and vehicle square
    • Streetscaping & beautification
    • Stormwater drainage
    • Parking enhancements

Environmental Assessment Outcomes:

  • The required Environmental Assessment (EA) Study has been completed
    • A Part II Order appeal was filed by a citizen during the EA phase and was dismissed on March 5, 2018, by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change with the following three conditions:
    • The Town shall consider dedicated cycle lanes as part of the final design for the proposed Project
    • The Town must consult with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority during the detailed design phase of the Project to determine additional mitigation measures and quality control measures for stormwater runoff within the Project area
    • The Town must hold at least one public open house during the detailed design phase of the Project to discuss the final design of the pedestrian open space on Main Street. The final design must be posted on the Project's website.

Project Background: 

Project needs were first identified in the 2006 Vineland, Jordan, and Jordan Station Secondary Plan. The Secondary Plan identified that the In addition to road network geometric improvements, the Secondary Plan highlighted that the Jordan Village area also required improved pedestrian, cyclist and parking accommodations.

Given the scope of the potential design alternatives to be considered in the Jordan Village Improvement Strategy, the Project Team confirmed that this study should be classified as a Schedule “B” Project as defined in the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) process.

A Schedule “B” Municipal Class EA acknowledges that any improvements proposed will likely have significant impacts to the community and surrounding environment and as such the design alternatives are subject to a structured screening process that includes public consultation.

In addition, the Niagara Region also partnered with the Town of Lincoln on this subject EA Study since they have jurisdiction over the King Street intersection.

2018/19 project milestones:

  • Detailed Design Phase launched in late July 2018
  • Consultants awarded detailed design phase project on July 16, 2018
  • Open house occurred on July 9, 2019, on draft detailed design
  • Next steps include a final detailed design