Find a By-law

Below is a summary of the most frequently requested By-laws for your convenience. If you require a By-law that does not appear on this list, please contact the Town Clerks at

Public Nuisance By-law 2021-30Public Nuisance bylaw 2021-30.pdf
Accessible Parking By-law2017-252017-25 To Establish an Accessible Parking By-law.pdf
AMPS Parking By-law2017-242017-24 To Establish an Administrative Monetary Pe_1.pdf
Animal Care & Control By-law 2019-182019-18 Animal Care and Control By-law.pdf
Clean Yards By-law 2018-922018-92 Clean Yards By-law.pdf
Noise Control By-law 2019-442019-44 Noise Control By-law.pdf
Open Air Fire By-law2017-1102017-110 A By-law to Prohibit and Regulate the Set (2).pdf
Parking By-law2019-302019-30 To Regulate the Parking of Motor Vehicles.pdf
Property Standards By-law 2016-272016-27, Property Standards By-law.pdf
Swimming Pool Fence By-law05-9505-95 Swimming Pool Fence By-law.pdf
Cemeteries By-law 2018-682018-68 By-law regarding the Operation of Town of Lincoln Municipal Cemeteries
Development Charges By-law2018-932018-93 By-law for the Imposition of Development Charges and Repeal By-Law 2014-37
Fees & Charges By-law2023-012023-01 - Bylaw to establish and regulate payment of various fees and charges within TOL.pdf
Site Alteration and Removal of Trees By-law2020-642020-64 By-law Fill Alteration of Grade
Private Property Sign By-law05-6005-60 By-law for Private Property Sign
Procedural By-law2022-042022-04 By-law to Provide For the Rules of Order of Council and Its Committees
Public Property Sign By-law02-242019-29 Public Property Sign By-law
Regulation of Water Supply By-law01-1342001-134 By-law for Regulation of Water Supply
Sale of Municipal Land By-law07-8707-87 By-law for Sale of Municipal Land
2022-40 By-law to Set Tax Rates 2022-402022-40 Tax Rates By-law.pdf
To Prohibit and Regulate the Discharge of Firearms07-9007-90 By-law to Prohibit and Regulate the Discharge of Firearms
To Regulate the Sale and Use of Fireworks and Pyro07-7707-77 By-law to Regulate the Sale and Use of Fireworks
To Regulate the Use of Municipal Parks By-law2022-442022-44 By-law to Regulate the Use of Municipal Parks.pdf