Inactive Cemeteries

The Town maintains fifteen inactive (often referred to as “Pioneer”) cemeteries where no future interments or additional sale of rights will ever take place.  It is legislated that an abandoned public cemetery becomes the responsibility of the Town in which they are located and most often have been inherited with minimal or no funds for upkeep.  The responsibility of management and maintenance of the grounds transfers to the municipality.  Regular grass cutting, general upkeep and monument restoration (budget permitting) is scheduled year-round, as required.

  • Baptist Cemetery
  • Culver Cemetery
  • Dean Burial Ground and Indian Cemetery
  • Eden Cemetery
  • Giesbrecht (Foster) Cemetery
  • Haines Cemetery
  • Henry Cemetery
  • Johnson Cemetery
  • John Culp Family Cemetery
  • Jordan Kingsway Neutral Cemetery
  • Konkle Cemetery
  • Mountain Presbyterian
  • Quarry Road Cemetery
  • United Empire Loyalist Cemetery
  • Weslyan Methodist Cemetery