Bulk Water Filling Station

The water hauling/bulk filling station requires an initial refundable deposit, an activation/deactivation fee and a monthly base charge for the service. In addition, the actual usage will be billed monthly based on the current consumption rate for a cubic metre. Please see the Fees & Charges By-Law for current rates.

Should you not need the service for a long period of time you can email  to deactivate your account.  Please note that to reactivate the account we require 48 hours notice to do so by email

To Register, please fill out the appropriate application form excluding the Vehicle number as this will be assigned to you and send it via email:

A finance clerk will then contact you to take your deposit over the phone. Please note that you can also come in to Town hall and pay via Cheque, Cash or Debit. 

The water hauling/bulk filling station is located behind Town Hall at 4743 Bartlett Road, Beamsville.

Please see the instructions for how to use the water hauling station