Cemetery Services

Meet with our compassionate and highly skilled staff to help navigate through the process of cemetery preplanning or at time of need services and products.  There is “no normal” and individual wishes are welcomed and accommodated to the best of our ability while following the provisions of the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act and in accordance with our Cemetery Bylaw 2018-68.  The following presents a current overview of how we are able to assist you and the many services we provide:

  • Arrangement of interments (burials), both traditional and cremation;
  • Preplanning – sale of lots, niche and scattering space;
  • Information and interpretation of the Cemeteries Act to aid individuals wishing to broaden interment rights within family lots;
  • Administration and maintenance of commemorative products (benches, trees, bronze wreaths and plaques);
  • Grounds maintenance (i.e. landscaping, snow removal, gardens/planters fencing, pathway, structures, etc);
  • Optimize land use through the design and construction of future interment sites;
  • Collection, maintenance and sharing of historical and genealogical information;
  • Coordination with monument companies to allow for monuments and markers;
  • Installation of markers and concrete foundations;
  • By-law, price list and regulation upkeep.