Jordan Lions Master Plan and Renewal

Jordan Lions Park is a 14.75 acre facility located at 2793 Fourth Avenue in Jordan. The park is one of Lincoln’s two sports parks, featuring athletic amenities for organized sports; softball (two unlit diamonds and two lit diamonds) and soccer (one field). In addition, there is a gravel parking lot, two small playgrounds, an outdoor pool and bath house, splash pad, picnic area with seating and a pavilion, outdoor washrooms and open greenspace with trees.

Aerial view of Jordan Lions Park

The Town of Lincoln continues to replace existing park infrastructure according to lifecycle needs, as well as plan for park redevelopment and barrier free projects that address aging infrastructure and accessibility requirements. Site visits, conditions audits and stakeholder consultation confirm that Jordan Lions Park requires investment to capital infrastructure.

Connection to Jordan Village

In a quest to enhance active transportation and pedestrian expansion, the Town of Lincoln will be undergoing a revitalization of existing roads as part of the Jordan Village Improvement Project. Key components will enhance the ability for residents and tourists to explore the future upgrades to Jordan Lions Park.

The current approved upgrades include:

  • Dedicated bike-lanes on the boulevards down both sides of Nineteenth complete with visual and tactile buffers between the curb and edge of bike-path;
  • Sidewalks adjacent to bikes along the edge of the road allowance separated by a visual and tactile buffer between sidewalk and bike-path;
  • Buffers created out of a premium exposed aggregate concrete finish giving it both visual appeal and tactile difference between pedestrian and bike facilities;
  • Street-lighting improvements along Nineteenth and Main Street;
  • Bike and pedestrian crossings at all exiting and newly constructed intersections.

The Public Works Department have identified future research and development efforts into the continuity of connecting the new Nineteenth Street sidewalks to additional pathways along Fourth Avenue.