Snow & Ice Removal

Learn more about when and why the Town declares Keep It Clear events

The Town of Lincoln’s Public Works department is responsible for maintaining Lincoln’s Road network.

Did you know Public Works oversees approximately 300km of roadway, including 49 bridges and 130 culverts? That is an important job, and the Town is committed to improving safe passage for residents, visitors, and businesses during the winter season with a priority to ensure roads are clear for emergency services response in the frosty weather.

Winter maintenance and operations begin approximately mid-November and extend to mid-April every year.

Lincoln is divided into nine primary and secondary roads, with the urban centres treated as priority areas. Town staff monitor weather and road conditions to respond to snow/ice removal accordingly.

The Town staff are busy out in our plows, focusing on making sure roads are passable. As such, the Town annually contracts out other snow removal services.

Contracted services for salting and snow removal activities at the following general locations:

  • Town facility parking lots and sidewalks
  • Municipal parking lots
  • Fire halls
  • Municipal walkways
  • All Town-owned sidewalks

Declaring a Significant Winter Event

Municipalities in Ontario, including the Town of Lincoln, may declare a Significant Winter Event when they anticipate that their winter response may take longer than normal and they may be unable to meet the Provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards. The municipality has the discretion to declare a Significant Winter Event based on forecasted weather and local observations, including temperature, wind and road conditions.