Winter Sidewalk Maintenance

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Many municipalities across Ontario have been struggling to meet the needs of residents that don't rely on the road network for mobility. These residents require more frequent use and clearing of the sidewalks during the winter months.

The Town of Lincoln has depended mainly on a By-Law passed in the early 70s that requires residents to clear the sidewalk adjacent to their property of any snow and debris. With a greater demand for active transportation options and the increasing risk of potential personal injury, it was determined that an alternative approach to winter sidewalk clearing should be considered and developed.

Alternative Approach

Through community engagement and public input, the Town has developed a winter maintenance program that will ensure all community members have access to the transportation network year-round.

Utilizing varying levels of service, the program will be customized to provide service where and when required most, at a sustainable cost for the community.

Stakeholder groups were an active part of developing the criteria for classifying all of the assets that make up the Town's network, ensuring that the community's needs are weighed equally with all other factors in the development process.


The Town has identified two (2) main sidewalk subtypes to be included in the new sidewalk winter maintenance program:

Level of Service

The level of service/clearing provided for each sidewalk is determined based on balancing each sidewalk's level of usage, availability of alternative routes, and service needs. Now, there are two levels:

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