MountView Cemetery

4015 Moyer Road, Campden


*Video provided from Canadian Cemetery History

MountView Cemetery was established by the Evangelical Association in 1981.  It  further became the Evangelical United Brethren Church and then the United Church of Canada before being assumed by the Town of Lincoln in 1981.  MountView Cemetery is set in a rural area and surrounded by a beautiful iron fence and gates.  It is very rich in history and is the final resting place for early settler Jacob Fry, a respected community leader and benefactor.  Originally a Mennonite, he converted circa 1850 to the Evangelical Association.  The historically significant Jacob Fry House, build circa 1815, is now located on the site of the Jordan Museum and Cultural Center.  Interment options have recently been added to further capacity.


  • In-ground traditional/full burial lots
  • Outdoor estate/family columbaria area for cremated remains
  • Commemorative options