Cemetery Products

Cemetery Fees & Charges 2023

In-ground Traditional/Full burial services

All Town of Lincoln traditional/full lots have the capacity to provide for one full burial (must be first) and up to four cremation burials.  Please note that all burials are now at standard depth.

Each full size/traditional lot allows for either an upright monument and/or up to four flat markers to ensure the opportunity to memorialize each interment.

Concrete vaults or grave liners are no longer mandatory.

Applicable resident and non resident fees to apply.

In-ground Cremation Services

All Town of Lincoln cremation lots have the capacity to provide for the interment of two urns at standard depth.

Each cremation lot allows for one or two flat markers.

Applicable resident and non resident fees to apply.

Columbaria Niche

All Town of Lincoln columbaria niche have the capacity to provide for the interment of two urns. 

Each niche allow for one standard and uniform bronze plaque that can accommodate one or two names.

Applicable resident and non resident fees to apply.

** There is a unique opportunity to purchase a Family/Estate columbarium which would be for exclusive use only.  There are many options for size and capacity.

Memorial Wall

Memorial walls are situated around each columbarium in the Town of Lincoln.  The uniform and standard bronze plaques are to pay local tribute to a loved one regardless of where they have been interred.

Each memory wall plaque can accommodate one name.

Scatter Garden

Scatter gardens are designated places where family and friends of the deceased can scatter the ashes of their loved one.  “Scattering” is a bit of a misnomer, as the ashes are raked through the mulch of the garden.  There are special gardens that have been created for comingled cremated remains, but we are also able to offer individual family areas around a commemorative tree.

Memorialization is standard and uniform bronze memory wall plaques which can be purchased with your loved ones name and years of birth and death.  No commemorative objects may be left in the scatter garden.

Monuments and Memorialization

Upright monuments and flat markers are a private business within the Town of Lincoln.  You would arrange through the monument company of your choice and enter into a contract between yourself, the monument company and the Town.  All arrangements are facilitated through the monument company.

The bronze columbaria niche and memory wall plaques must all be ordered through the Town of Lincoln.  They are standard and uniform.