Investing in Infrastructure

Funding Infrastructure in Lincoln

The Town of Lincoln makes continued investments in infrastructure to support growth areas and ensure services continue to be delivered to mature neighbourhoods.

Priorities for infrastructure investments are identified through the annual municipal budget process. The Town of Lincoln’s budget – like those of other municipalities in Ontario – addresses Council Priorities, operations, services, infrastructure, and asset management. It includes the Operating Budget and Capital Budget.

An important source of funding for infrastructure projects is development charges. These are fees charged to developers by the municipality for the recovery of growth costs.

Most infrastructure projects are funded through Capital or Operating budgets under one of two categories:

  • Transportation; or
  • Environment & Safety.

Bridge Rehabilitation

The Town of Lincoln focuses on maintaining our assets as well as improving the service life and functionality of each item. As a result of the 2022 Bridge and Culvert Inspections, the Bennett Road Bridge and Dutch Lane Bridge have been identified as candidates for rehabilitation. Proposed work includes concrete patching, erosion mitigation, deck waterproofing, and new asphalt surface.

The Town was successful in receiving grants from Canada Community Building Fund (CCBF) to complete the work. 

  • Bennett Road south of Spring Creek Road
  • Dutch Lane between Yonge Street and Bethesda Road
Grant signs for the Canada Community Building Fund (CCBF)

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