Economic Development Strategy

The Town of Lincoln is currently looking for feedback on the future of our Economic Development Strategy. We encourage all to participate by visiting Speak Up Lincoln to take our survey and ask questions.

The Town of Lincoln’s Economic Development Strategy & Action Plan was established as the Town’s first official Economic Development Strategy. The strategy was part of several initiatives to increase the focus on economic development within the Town of Lincoln. 

To improve the economic well-being of our community through developing and implementing an integrated mix of policies, programs and initiatives, the Town outlined objectives within the following economic development roles and strategies to drive efficient results: 

  • Strategy 1:  Promote an “Open for Business” message 
  • Strategy 2:  Business retention and expansion 
  • Strategy 3:  Innovation and entrepreneurship 
  • Strategy 4:  Attracting new investments  
  • Strategy 5:  Talent and workforce development 
  • Strategy 6:  Marketing 

Lincoln’s strong roots in agriculture presents an ideal roadmap for identifying sectors of focus throughout the initial five-year term of the Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan. Lincoln’s four sectors of focus not only help differentiate Lincoln from other municipalities, they also generate excellent opportunities for collaboration:

Lincoln's Pathway to Prosperity

For more information about the Town of Lincoln’s objectives within each of the principal economic development strategies, download our Lincoln's Pathway to Prosperity: A summary of the Town of Lincoln's Economic Development Strategy & Action Plan.

View the Plan

Looking for a deeper dive into what the Town of Lincoln has in store for the future? Take a look at the complete Town of Lincoln Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan, September 2018.