Asset Management Plan

The Asset Management Plan for the Town of Lincoln meets all provincial requirements as outlined within the Ontario Building Together Guide for Municipal Asset Management Plans. 

The purpose of the Asset Management Plan: 

Ensure the proper management of our infrastructure 

  • This includes allowing the Town to make informed decisions about the building, operating, maintaining, renewing, replacing and disposing of infrastructure assets. 
  • The plan identifies current and future challenges that should be addressed to maintain sustainable infrastructure services on a long-term, life cycle basis. 

Optimize our available resources 

  • It develops an implementation process to prioritize renewal, rehabilitation, and maintenance activities, resulting in a 10-year plan that includes growth projections. 
  • It develops a financial strategy that fully integrates with other sections of this Asset Management Plan, to ensure delivery and optimization of the 10-year infrastructure budget. 

Establish desired levels of service 

  • A Desired Level of Service (LOS) Framework tracks the strategic, financial, tactical, operational, and maintenance activities within the organization. 

Asset Management Plan Sections 

Key sections: 

  1. Executive Summary and Introduction 
  2. State of Local Infrastructure 
  3. Levels of Service 
  4. Asset Management Strategies 
  5. Financial Strategy 

Categories of infrastructure addressed: 

  1. Road network: paved roads, sidewalks, street lights 
  2. Structures: bridge and culverts 
  3. Water network: water mains and facilities 
  4. Wastewater network: sanitary sewer mains 
  5. Buildings: municipal office & operation facilities, fire stations, libraries, museum, parks & recreation facilities 
  6. Machinery & equipment: roads & park equipment, fire equipment, furniture, IT equipment, library collection 
  7. Land improvements: parking lots, signs, playground equipment, pools, splash pad and ice pad 
  8. Vehicles: fire, roads, parks & facilities vehicle 

  View the complete Town of Lincoln Asset Management Plan here.

View the complete Asset Management Policy here.