Threats to Trees

Trees are vulnerable to natural, mechanical, and severe weather conditions. The health of trees can be affected by different diseases, pests, and other natural threats. Trees can be slowly weakened and killed by these threats. Any damage to public trees should be reported to the Town.

Pests and disease

While disease can start out as a minor issue for a tree, it can develop into a significant problem that threatens your property. Insects and diseases can quickly turn your shrubs and trees into liabilities if left untreated. Plants can acquire pathogens from other plants, affecting any part of the plant, including leaves, shoots, stems, crowns, roots, tubers, fruit, seeds, and vascular tissues. It is also important to apply any treatment as soon as possible because the insects spread quickly. Information about common tree pests and diseases in Ontario can be found here.


Mechanical damages to trees

It is common for trees to be damaged by mechanical injuries in urban environments such as lawn mowers, soil compaction, improper mulching, flowerbeds, poor pruning, and construction. It does not matter how small the damage may be, it can allow pests and diseases to enter the tree.

Severe weather damage to trees

Severe weather conditions in Ontario, including extreme winds, prolonged periods of drought, heavy snow loads, and winter browning, can damage thousands of trees during winter and summer. While some tree can recover from minor damage, others may become more susceptible to pests and diseases.