Municipal Natural Assets Initiative

Through a partnership between the Greenbelt Foundation and the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative, the Town of Lincoln undertook a natural asset inventory.

The goal of the project was to provide the Town with a natural asset inventory that will inform a long-term, natural asset management program within an overall asset management system and approach.

The natural asset inventory includes:

  1. A list of natural assets that provide services to the Local Government, e.g. wetland, stream, forest;
  2. A description of what services those natural assets provide;
  3. The geographic boundaries of the natural assets; and
  4. Information about the condition the natural assets are in and risks (both natural and human-caused) they may face.

The inventory helps local governments build an understanding of the natural assets they rely on, the extent of that reliance, and, importantly, provides the foundation for all other aspects of natural asset management including valuations, modelling, planning and implementation steps.

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