Media Release: Town of Lincoln holds first official Graduation Ceremony for Niagara West Fire and Emergency Services Recruitment

2022 Niagara West Fire Recruits
Media Release

Media Release: Town of Lincoln holds first official Graduation Ceremony for Niagara West Fire and Emergency Services Recruitment

Lincoln, ON – (February 27, 2023) – The Town of Lincoln is proud to announce the graduation of the 2022 cohort of Niagara West Fire and Emergency Services Recruits. A graduation ceremony took place on Friday, February 24, 2023 at Station #64 in Jordan.
The event was attended by several members of Town of Lincoln Council, Town of Lincoln CAO Mike Kirkopoulos, Fire Chief Greg Hudson, Chief Training officer Don Sherren, and other dignitaries. Councillor Greg Reimer delivered greetings on behalf of Council.
“We are grateful for the time, commitment, and effort these individuals continually put in to keep our communities safe,” remarked Mayor Sandra Easton. “Each recruit has proven themselves to be an exemplary member of our community, sacrificing their time and energy to serve our communities in a challenging role.”
“Firefighting today is a very diverse and challenging endeavour but also a rewarding one,” said Fire Chief Greg Hudson. “A Firefighter needs dedication, courage, assertiveness, and a willingness to learn and face new challenges head on. These are all qualities our recruits have mastered. We are proud to see our 2022 recruits join a long line of men and women who have demonstrated service, compassion, and integrity in the protection of life and property within our communities.”
“Our Fire and Emergency Services Recruits are an integral part of maintaining a safe community,” said Town of Lincoln CAO Mike Kirkopoulos. “The work they do presents them with challenges most people will never encounter, both physically and emotionally. We are thankful for their sacrifice and are proud to have them as a part of our community.”
Following these messages, a video presentation and Badge ceremony were held in celebration of the recruits.

2022 Recruits:

  • Troy Reimer - Badge No. 116
  • Anthony McMaster - Badge No. 125
  • Andrew VanKooten - Badge No. 143
  • Darryl Burkart - Badge No. 209
  • Kevin Palmieri - Badge No. 211
  • Josh Kleuskens - Badge No. 223
  • Rebecca Persoon - Badge No. 224
  • Bryden Ouwendyk - Badge No. 315
  • Trevor Low - Badge No. 326
  • Ethan Wellings - Badge No. 330
  • Noah Perlic - Badge No. 333
  • Cooper Earley - Badge No. 334
  • Owen Barkway - Badge No. 407
  • Matt Dortono - Badge No. 411
  • Eily Persia - Badge No. 413
  • Matt Virzaitis - Badge No. 415
  • Cameron Snihur - Badge No. 419

Congratulations to all our 2022 Recruits. 
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