Water & Wastewater Billing

The Town of Lincoln is responsible for the construction, maintenance and operation of the water and wastewater distribution system. The Town developed policies to provide for the full cost recovery of the Town’s water and wastewater distribution system.  

Utility Billing Inquiries

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Water bills pay for three essential services:

  1. Delivery of clean drinking water
  2. Wastewater collection and removal
  3. The infrastructure and maintenance of the Town’s water and wastewater systems

On average, 50% of each utility bill paid to the Town of Lincoln also covers Niagara Region’s water & wastewater costs.  There is a shared responsibility for the treatment and distribution - the Town acts as a retailer in the distribution of water to the resident, while the Region acts as a wholesaler to the municipality. 

Definition of charges on your bill:

  • Water and Wastewater base charge - billed on a quarterly rate, based on water meter size. This is a flat charge (fixed) that does not fluctuate with consumption
  • Variable Water rate - based on the amount of water consumed, as measured by the water meter
  • Variable Wastewater rate - based on the amount of water consumed, as measured by the water meter

2022 Rates

A new rate model was implemented in 2018 that:

  • Results in no increase to the variable water rate (usage) annually
  • Allocates an annual increase to the base charge (fixed)
  • Includes a seasonal rate that decreases over high season from June to August for variable wastewater (usage)

2022 Rates per cubic metre, in comparison to 2021

Rate Type20222021
Variable (Usage): Water Rate2.1022.102
Wastewater Rate - Low Season (Sept. - May)2.4902.490
Wastewater Rate - High Season (June - Aug.)1.8681.868
Base (Fixed): Quarterly Water Base Charge24.0920.49
Quarterly Wastewater Base Charge23.0419.74

Impact to your bill

As a result of the new model, in 2022, there is a $0.08 increase per day for water & wastewater services. Details on yearly impact:

Rate Type
Variable (usage)



Base (fixed)


$ 14.40

Total increase

Average consumption calculation

Regular residential 3-month water & wastewater bill during low season (Sept.-May)

23m3 x 2.102 x 2 peoplewater$96.69
23m3 x 2.490 x 2 peoplewastewater$114.54
base chargewater$24.09
base chargewastewater$23.04
Total water & wastewater bill for 2 people$258.36