Windrow Clearing Pilot Program

The Town of Lincoln is working with our sidewalk snow-clearing service provider to offer a Windrow Clearing Pilot Program.  Windrows are the chunks of snow that remain at the end of your driveway after the snowplow clears the street.  Residents can pre-register for this optional, pay-per-use service. Details on the Pilot Program are listed below.

Cost & Registration

Program Specifics

  • Only a single driveway will be cleared one time per winter event.
  • Windrow clearing will commence on the next winter event after program registration.
  • Only snow at the end of the driveway will be cleared.
  • The complete driveway and surrounding sidewalks will not be cleared.
  • Windrow clearing will be completed when accumulation reaches 15 cm.
    • Windrow clearing will be completed once all sidewalk snow clearing has been completed in town.
  • Only snow will be pushed from the end of the driveway into a pile on the boulevard.
  • Salt or sand will not be applied.
  • Refunds will be issued in April for any unused winter events.

Non-Eligible Properties

  • Commercial/Multi-Unit/Industrial Properties are not eligible.

Contact Information