Road Rehabilitation Program

2023 Road Rehabilitation Program

The 2023 Road Rehabilitation Program focuses on addressing roads in poor condition as well as keeping good roads good, by actively maintaining the pavement. This balanced approach works to repair deteriorated roads while preventing the deterioration of good roads in the future - keeping the good roads good while not forgetting about the roads needing more attention.

A total of approximately 22 km of roads will be the focus of the 2023 program.


Spring Creek Road – West Limit to Mountain Rd (Bonded Wearing Course)

3Horton Ave – Fifteenth St to Thirteenth Street (Single Surface Treatment) 0.9km
3Nineteenth St – Eighth Ave to Seventh Ave (Single Surface Treatment)1.0km
3Thirteenth St – Fourth Ave to CNR Tracks (Single Surface Treatment)0.7km
3Eleventh Ave – Fourth Ave to CNR Tracks (Single Surface Treatment)0.5km
3Ninth St – Fourth Ave to Glass Ave (Bonded Wearing Course)0.5km
3Ninth St – Glass Ave to North Limit (Single Surface Treatment)1.0km
3Seventh Ave – Victoria Ave to Seventeenth St (Single Surface Treatment2.7km
3Fifteenth St – South Limit to South Service Road (Single Surface Treatment)5.2km
4Claus Rd – Cherry Ave to Victoria Ave (Bonded Wearing Course)1.7km
4Merrit Rd – King St to Greenlane (Single Surface Treatment)2.5km
4Cherry Ave – King St to Fly Rd (Bonded Wearing Course)2.4km
4Vinehaven Trl – Westwood Trc (west leg) to Newhaven Trl (Hot Mix Asphalt)0.3km
4Westwood Trc – Vinahaven Trl (west) to Vinehaven Trl (east) (Hot Mix Asphalt)0.4km
4Newhaven Grv – South Limit to Vinehaven Trl (Hot Mix Asphalt)0.1km

View the 2023 Road Resurfacing and Rehabilitation Map here

    Road Rehabilitation efforts will include:

    • Replacement of culverts that are currently failing, or have the potential to fail in the near future;
    • Primary focus on cross culverts under roadways;
    • Culvert replacements will take place prior to road rehabilitation.
    • Rehabilitation of rural roads will include an application of surface treatment (or an asphalt-like bonded wearing course if part of our active transportation network).
    • Rehabilitation of urban roads includes milling of existing asphalt, placement of new hot mix asphalt and spot curb repairs.

    What to Expect

    Roads will remain open during all stages of the rehabilitation process. A notification will be sent to all residents that live on any of the proposed roads closer to the start date of construction.

    Road Rehabilitation and Resurfacing Federal Grant