Tanker Accreditation

Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation  

The Niagara West Fire & Emergency Services is accredited as "Superior Tanker Shuttle Service" by the  Fire Underwriters Survey for single-family detached residential properties in the rural areas of Lincoln within 8 kilometres by road of a fire station. 

 Benefits to residents in rural areas: 
  1. Some insurance companies recognize the Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation. Rural residents within 8 km of a fire station may benefit from a significant reduction in annual fire insurance premiums and are encouraged to contact their insurance agent to ask if their insurance company offers a rate reduction.  Please print this form (PDF) and take to your insurer.  
  2. Successfully completing the test demonstrates that Niagara West Fire & Emergency Services is able to effectively transport sufficient water to fire incident scenes throughout our community. 
  3. The achievement of the Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation means that Niagara West Fire & Emergency Services has demonstrated its ability to protect our rural residents. 

For further information, contact your insurance agent or the Niagara West Fire and Emergency Services at 905-563-2799 Ext. 601

Requirements to become accredited: 

The Superior Tanker Shuttle Service test forms part of the Fire Underwriters Survey rating for the municipality, which is used to determine residential fire insurance rates.  Achievement of the Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation generally provides for hydrant protected insurance ratings for areas of the municipality not equipped with fire hydrants. 

To qualify for the accreditation, our fire department was required to: 

  • Within 5 minutes of the first fire department pumper truck arriving on the fire scene (test site), demonstrate flowing a minimum of 900 litres per minute (200 gallons per minute) of water. 
  • Maintain the water flow uninterrupted for 2 hours. 

The test site must be within 8 km of the fire station, and must be at least 5 km away from the closest fire hydrant. 

For those residents within 8 km of a fire station, it means that at least 900 litres per minute of water can be applied to a fire using Lincoln's three tanker trucks for supply.  This is the flow delivered by two 45 millimetres (1-3/4 inch) attack hose lines typically used by firefighters to enter a burning home, search for and rescue occupants, and bring the fire under control.