Tree Planting

What to plant?

Best practice states that you should plant a tree native to your geographical area! Species native to a region have already adapted to the soil and weather conditions and are known to be disease resistant. Native trees are more resilient, which results in less maintenance over time. Native tree species guides are available through the Ontario Tree Atlas and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.

Where to plant?

It is imperative that you plant the tree in the right spot once you have chosen the right tree for your property. A variety of factors must be considered when planting a tree, including public rights-of-way, overhead wires, underground utilities, and existing trees on your property. To avoid any damages, property owners can use Ontario1call to inquire about underground infrastructure in their plot. The service is free of charge.

Plant your tree(s) in a location that will accommodate their eventual size and needs. Considering the eventual size of your tree will help it grow to its full height and width, as well as expand its root system. The type of tree you choose should also match the moisture, light exposure, and soil of the site.


When to plant?

Deciduous trees can be planted in the Spring, as soon as the frost is out of the ground, or in the Fall, from leaf-fall until freeze-up. Conifers can be planted early in the spring until four weeks after deciduous trees have opened their leaves, or in the fall, from about the first week of August to the end of October (treecanada, 2022).

For more information on tree planting and maintenance, please reference the Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide.