Commemorative Program

Park Amenities Commemorative Program

The Town of Lincoln’s Park Amenities Commemorative Program is an opportunity to provide a unique dedication in honour of a loved one, individual, or group. 

Be a Benefactor, Give a Gift 

  • Donations can be made toward a park, trail or facility amenity such as a tree, bench, picnic table or arena seat within one of the beautiful parks, trails, cemeteries or arenas in the Town of Lincoln.   
  • Each will have the option of a personalized plaque. 
  • Staff will work with donors to determine a specific location, installation and maintenance of the amenity for a predetermined lifecycle, 

Get on "Board" in Charles Daley Park 

Create a legacy to honour family and friends by purchasing a plaque for the waterfront boardwalk at Charles Daley Park  

For information and guidance please contact by phone at 905-563-2799 or by email at