The Benefits of Heritage Designation

Economic and Financial Advantages

  • Research has shown that designation has not adversely affected property values; in fact, it has shown that heritage buildings have been less affected where there has been a general downturn in property values
  • Grants, loans and other provisions may be available for designated properties
  • Designation of heritage properties enhances community renewal and development objectives and contributes to local quality of life and economic development
  • Designated properties can take on renewed life by being thoughtfully restored and used for contemporary purposes, creating employment and income within the community
  • Restoring or maintaining heritage homes can increase tourism, thereby generating revenue for local business and the community as a whole¬†

Individual and Community Advantages

  • Our heritage is a precious resource, a cultural or natural asset often visible to everyone, which gives identity and distinction to a community
  • Designation is a tangible expression by the community of their appreciation of the value of special properties or events
  • Designation does not restrict use of the property, but the protection it affords may prevent unsympathetic changes or delay demolition while practical options are explored and advice provided
  • Designation does not oblige an owner to restore a property to its original condition or its appearance in an earlier period
  • Planning Staff and the Heritage Committee offer advice on heritage conservation and protection matters
  • Conservation of designated property has less impact on the environment than new construction in terms of energy required for renovation, land fill requirements and the recycling of material