Economic Development Week

The Town of Lincoln invites all businesses, residents, and visitors to celebrate Economic Development Week May 8-12, 2023.  The Town's Economic Development Week campaign will focus around the key strategies as outlined in our 2019-2023 Economic Development Strategy & Action Plan.

What is Economic Development Week?

Economic Development Week is an international campaign created by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) to increase awareness for local programs that create jobs, advance career development opportunities and increase the quality of life in communities everywhere.  

Economic Development Week Schedule

2023 Economic Development Week runs from May 8-12, and gives the Town of Lincoln Economic Development Department the opportunity to showcase Lincoln's community and the contributions made to the Town's local economy throughout the year. Below you will find the five themes of Lincoln's 2023 Economic Development Week campaign which reflect our activities that support the Town's business community and economy.   

Monday, May 8: Economic Development & Tourism Strategies

The Town of Lincoln Economic Development Department is guided by the following two key strategies:

Both strategies serve as a roadmap for Lincoln's key economic development activities to enhance the quality of life in balance with our community goals.

Tuesday, May 9: Talent & Workforce Development

To grow, expand and succeed, businesses need access to a highly skilled workforce. This year, the Town of Lincoln Economic Development Department launched our website as a key digital resource for both employers and job seekers. The new website allows local employers to create an account and submit job postings at their own leisure, while also allowing job seekers to apply for job postings and join the resume database.

Visit to submit a job posting or join the resume database today!

Wednesday, May 10: Tourism & Marketing

The Town of Lincoln's tourism industry is the Town's greatest opportunity for economic growth and development. Through the development of the Niagara Benchlands, the Town has been able to appropriately brand and market Lincoln's destination to support tourism and increased visitation throughout the Niagara Benchlands.

For more information on tourism in Lincoln, visit

Thursday, May 11: Supporting Local Businesses

Supporting our local businesses, also known as Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E) in the field of economic development, is a key part of economic development that help retain and create new jobs.  Below is a variety of resources offered by the Town of Lincoln Economic Development Department to support your business:

Questions about any of the programs above? Contact Economic Development at

Friday, May 12: Innovation & Investment Attraction

Through the attraction of companies and industries, Economic Development can create jobs, spur innovation and increase the non-residential tax-base in Lincoln.

Looking to relocate your business? Contact Economic Development at to learn more about the Town's financial incentives and current vacancies.