Media Release: Town of Lincoln announces hiring freeze as part of the 2023 Budget

2023 Town of Lincoln budget graphic with illustrated streetscape
Media Release

Town implements hiring freeze for any new positions for 2023

Lincoln, ON – (March 3, 2023) – The Town of Lincoln’s Budget – Committee of the Whole, has endorsed a hiring freeze as part of the 2023 Budget approval, representing a continued commitment to investing in infrastructure while delivering high-quality programs and services, but also recognizing the need to ensure staffing compliments are in line with overall budgetary goals.

The Town of Lincoln’s Committee of the Whole approved the 2023 Capital Budget on February 15 and the Operating Budget on March 1. The Budget is scheduled to be ratified by Council on March 6.

“A municipal budget needs to go beyond the numbers and understand community health and well-being, and I believe the Town’s 2023 budget achieves this goal,” said Town of Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton. “Council recognizes the importance of having the budget reflect the needs of our community, while remaining respectful of taxpayer dollars. I’m pleased the hiring freeze will help keep staffing costs inline with the overall goal of maintaining a budget that balances affordability, while delivering on the high-quality services our residents expect of us."

Added Mayor Easton: "In addition, including a motion calling for the investigation of additional opportunities for shared services with other local area municipalities in Niagara, will allow us to find efficiencies while continuing to lead the way in service delivery.”

This year’s budget approval was accompanied by two motions and direction to the CAO. They included further exploration and initiation of more shared services; and a hiring freeze on any net new positions for 2023.  CAO Kirkopoulos did commit to coming back by year's end on any additional organizational opportunities or changes, with a goal of seeking further efficiencies beyond just shared services.

“Thank you to Members of Council and Staff for their collaborative effort in approving the 2023 Budget,” added Ward 4 Councillor Greg Reimer, Chair of the Budget Committee. “I firmly believe that this budget represents a balance of making prudent financial decisions to minimize burden on the taxpayer and investing in community priorities.”

“On behalf of Town Staff, we appreciate the guidance, leadership and trust Council has placed in us to move this budget forward, said the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer Michael Kirkopoulos. “The budget has been the work of many months and has been a collaborative effort internally and one that took into account the needs of the community through public consultation. I look forward to being back in front of Council on both motions in the coming months.”

The budget demonstrates the Town’s commitment to investing in infrastructure to support transportation, safety and environment, social infrastructure and corporate initiatives. The following are several capital projects that highlight these community investments:

  • Lakeshore Roads and Shoreline Protection Project to mitigate the effects of climate change and lakeshore erosion
  • Durham Road, Lincoln Avenue and Greenlane Road (Lincoln-Bartlett) reconstruction in the west side of Lincoln, to upgrade essential infrastructure and support resident and business traffic
  • King Street Road Reconstruction (Vineland)
  • Investments in the 2023 Road Rehabilitation Program to keep roads in a good state of repair
  • Roadside Safety Program, continuing to invest in traffic safety measures to protect residents and visitors
  • Truck Bypass Camera Monitoring Pilot Program, in alignment with the Town’s continued efforts to reduce non-essential truck traffic through Lincoln and keep neighbourhoods safe
  • Prudhommes Watermain Upgrades Construction to support growth and development in the Prudhommes neighbourhood
  • Jordan Lions Park Master Plan & Renewal to create the vision for this upgraded community space
  • Investments in the Lincoln Museum, for historic buildings restoration and a new Children's Education Space
  • Upgraded wayfinding signage to promote tourism in Lincoln through the recently adopted Niagara Benchlands tourism brand
  • The development of a new Destination Marketing Organization to support tourism

The budget represents a 7.5% increase on the Town’s portion of the tax bill, which is an overall impact of 2.77% to Lincoln’s residents, as the Town of Lincoln is only responsible for approximately 37% of the overall tax bill. 

Broken down further, the 2023 Proposed Budget includes:

  • 1.3% Capital Levy increase
  • 6.2% Operating increase (below inflation increase)

Staff revised the overall levy impact based on the adjustments and changes approved by Budget Committee of the Whole on February 15, and reduced the overall levy impact from earlier projections.

Lincoln’s tax bill accounts for three agencies. In addition to the Town of Lincoln’s portion of the tax bill, property taxes pay for the delivery of services by the Niagara Region and the School Boards. The Town of Lincoln accounts for 37%, Niagara Region for 51% and School Boards for 12%.

The estimated overall percent impact on the Tax Bill, excluding Regional Transit, is 6.57%.

For further information on the Town of Lincoln’s 2023 Budget, visit

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