Community Vision

Building a Community Vision

In 2017, the Town of Lincoln invited staff, residents and businesses from various sectors to develop a long-term vision for Lincoln. 

With a clear cut vision of the future, Council and others will be able to make decisions between all the possible courses of actions that could be taken to build the communities. There are many possibilities and the Town needs to ensure it makes the right choices for the people of Lincoln. Developing a vision statement that represents what Lincoln looks like, who will be living, working, learning and playing here in the future assists decision making, both day-to-day and long-term.

After significant consultation through focus groups and an online survey, a long-term community vision statement was created:

A Place to Grow, A  Place to Prosper, A Place to Belong

The Vision and the importance to our community

A Place to Grow:

Youth, aging in place, agriculture – growing crops, farming, greenhouse support, business growth, early childhood development (youth), proper planning and growing smart, growing your family here in Lincoln

A Place to Prosper:

A place for small/medium businesses to succeed, opportunities, job creation, tourism, destination, local markets, festivals, beautification, industrial parks, prosperity, community vibrancy, innovation

A Place to Belong:

Maintain community feeling, connectedness, more local events, support for families, history and heritage, local markets, local and unique festivals, moving around town, one community