Big Bench at Cave Springs

Big Benches

The Town of Lincoln in partnership with the Downtown Bench Beamsville BIA, have launched the "Big Benches" at various key locations throughout Town. The Town would like to extend our gratitude to the Twenty Valley Tourism Association (TVTA) for helping to secure funding from the Government of Canada's Community Revitalization Fund to help deploy the Big Benches 

The Big Benches are designed to captivate visitors, serving as alluring tourism attractions, perfect for capturing memorable photos and sharing on social media platforms by drawing even more tourists to experience the beauty and charm of Lincoln. The Benches will also play a key role in shaping the Town of Lincoln’s tourism brand, the Niagara Benchlands.

The oversized Benches are currently located at the following locations across Town:

  • Cave Springs Conservation Area (3949 Cave Spring Rd, Campden, ON)
  • Ball’s Falls Conservation Area (3292 Sixth Ave, Lincoln, ON)
  • Rotary Park (5020 Serena Dr, Beamsville, ON)
  • Charles Daley Park (1969 N Service Rd, Lincoln, ON)
  • Campden Parkette (Corner of Campden Rd and Fly Rd)
  • Downtown Beamsville (Corner of King St and Mountain St)

The Town of Lincoln would like to encourage community members to relax and enjoy a view of the Niagara Benchlands on the new Big Benches! Like, Follow and share your experiences across our Niagara Benchlands social media platforms:

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Charles Daley Park

Photo of Big Bench looking out towards Lake Ontario at Charles Daley Park
Photo of Big Bench at Charles Daley Park










Cave Springs Conservation Area

Big Bench located at Cave Springs Conservation Area








Downtown Beamsville (King Street & Mountain Road)

Photo of Big Bench in Downtown Beamsville at the intersection of King Street and Mountain Road


Rotary Park

Big Bench located at Rotary Park

Ball's Falls Conservation Area

Big Bench located at Ball's Falls with barn in background

Campden (Fly Road & Campden Road)

Big Bench located in Campden