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The Town of Lincoln is launching a Speed Reduction Campaign to help improve motorist, cyclist and pedestrian safety.  The Town has an aggressive portable digital speed sign program to increase driver awareness in many locations across the Town and is working in partnership with the Niagara Regional Police Department to help with targeted enforcement in these areas where speeding is found to occur.  The Town is also considering a targeted approach to reducing the posted speed limits on certain key urban streets near schools, parks, playgrounds and other high pedestrian movement locations.  The Town will be holding Public Information Centres to inform the public and generate input.   Click here for the PIC notice.


Motorists speeding on local roadways that are not designed for higher operating speeds pose a threat to both motorist and pedestrian safety. There is also a direct link between lower operating speeds and the survival rate of victims of vehicle and pedestrian collisions.


The Town of Lincoln has begun to organize a Speed Reduction Campaign to address the issue of improving motorist, cyclist and pedestrian safety in our community. The Speed Reduction Campaign consists of a 3 Phase Approach:

1.  Increase Awareness

The Town of Lincoln is increasing driver awareness of speeding in problem areas through the use of Portable Digital Feedback Speed Signs.

How Digital Feedback Speed Signs Work

Increase driver awareness by flashing operating speeds as vehicles pass by. The goal is to make motorists more aware of their travel speed and the roadside environment - hopefully reducing operating speeds in the process.

Record speed data. Trending speed data allows public works staff to monitor and evaluate speeding patterns on local roadways. The data collected helps staff identify roads that may require increased police enforcement presence and/or site specific action plans.


The Town currently owns and operates four sets of portable digital driver feedback speed signs during spring, summer and fall months. Signs are deployed across the community on a priority basis selected from a list of locations developed from resident and Council requests.

Do you have a road you would like to be monitored? Contact the Town of Lincoln Public Works department to request that your location be added to the list. Click here to view the list of upcoming speed sign locations and anticipated installation dates.

2.  Reduce Regulated Speeds

The Highway Traffic Act currently regulates the default speed limit in built-up urban areas at 50km/hr. The legislation allows municipalities to reduce roadway operating speeds provided the reduced speed limit is posted and there is an accompanying by-law.

Reducing Urban Speed Limits

In an effort to improve pedestrian and motorist safety in Lincoln, Town Council has decided to take a targeted approach to reducing speed limits to 40km/hr on select urban roadways in our community. Candidate roadways will be where pedestrian and motorist collisions are likeliest to occur:

  • Near schools, parks, and playgrounds

  • Commercial districts or other high pedestrian movement locations

  • Roads with geometrics where lower rates of speed will improve safety (i.e. narrow, curves, etc.)


3.  Enforcement

Often speeding in communities is more of a frequent occurrence rather than a systemic or widespread problem. For locations where the majority of road users are respecting the posted speed limit, law enforcement is necessary to deter speeding motorists from non-compliance.

As such, the Town of Lincoln is teaming up with local law enforcement to increase police presence in problem areas across Lincoln. Public works staff will continue to trend speeding patterns and log public complaints. This information is shared with Niagara Regional Police who will continue to monitor and increase enforcement in problem areas in our community.        


You Can Help!!!      

If you notice excessive speeds are a problem in your neighbourhood, please contact the Town of Lincoln Public Works Department at 905-563-8205 and let us know.

We also encourage residents to report problem areas to the Niagara Regional Police Service Traffic Hotline at (905) 688-4111, ext. 5555. You can also visit the NRPS website at http://www.niagarapolice.ca/en/whatwedo/specialenforcementunit.asp for more information.

With increased driver awareness, lower speed limits and active law enforcement presence, we can reduce speeds together to make our community a safer place for all road users. 


For more detailed information please see the Council reports and Speed Reduction Pamphlet below:


PW 16-23, Speed Reduction Campaign


PW 16-06, Options for Reducing Speed Limits in Urban Areas


PW 16-05, Portable Digital Driver Feedback Speed Sign Program Update


Speed Reduction Campaign - Pamphlet


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