Prior to 2001, the majority the Town urban areas utilized an alternate side parking system.  Briefly put, under that system vehicles were required to park on one side of the street for half the month and the other side for the remainder of the month.  While at first glance this would seem equitable, the system was found to be problematic, particularly on streets with higher density housing.  In addition, to ensure roads were accessible for winter operations and emergency services, a seasonal on street ban was also in place for early morning hours. This was problematic in that residents were required to remove their vehicles from the road in the middle of the night, in order to comply with the bylaw.


In 2001, in response to on-going problems with on-street parking, Council approved conversion to a dedicated one side parking system.  This system was adopted after a lengthy process that included both public input, as well as, limited trial implementation of different parking schemes.  Since then, the Town has been implementing the dedicated one side parking system in phases and this year is the final phase of the initiative. When implementing the system in an area, Town staff inspect affected streets to determine which side of the road parking can be optimized. During their investigations staff consider a number of things including: width of the road, fire hydrant locations, intersection flow, sight line visibility, driveway spacing, mail boxes, as well as, other site specific issues. Once the dedicated one side parking system is established in an area, the seasonal overnight ban is no longer in effect. Nevertheless, staff would acknowledge that typically, not all residents are in agreement with the scheme implemented on their street.

From 2001 to 2004 the dedicated one side parking system was implemented in the Beamsville urban area and
in 2005 and 2006, the system was established in the Vineland, Jordan and Jordan Station areas.  Although the dedicated one
side scheme is in place for the majority of the urban areas, there is still a number of locations were total parking bans are in place, typically to ensure emergency access on roads of limited width.  As such, residents should always check the applicable signage in the area where they are planning to park. 







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