The Town of Lincoln’s Corporate Services Department, with the assistance of the Community Services Department, administers and promotes the professional operation of all Municipal Cemeteries for the purpose of dignified burials and cremations.

Lots & Burials


Pursuant to the Ontario Cemeteries Act, when you make arrangements for burial in a Municipal Cemetery you are not purchasing land in the Cemetery.  Instead, you are purchasing the "right to use the lot for burials".  These rights are called Interment Rights and you will receive a legal document called a "Certificate of Interment Rights" after purchase.

Please note that the full cost of your interment rights must be paid before:

  • a burial can take place in the grave;
  • you will receive a "Certificate of Interment Rights";
  • a monument or marker can be put on the lot.

The Town of Lincoln is responsible for the appearance and maintenance of it’s Municipal Cemeteries.  A Cemetery Bylaw is in place to assist the Town in meeting it's responsibilities. When you sign the interment rights contract at purchase, you are agreeing to follow the regulations set out in the Bylaw.


Interment refers to the opening, preparation and closing of a grave at the time of burial.

The Town of Lincoln Cemeteries have set hours for burials as follows:

Monday to Friday - 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

* There is a surcharge for burials outside of these normal hours of operation, and for burials on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Perpetual Care

The Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations regulates Cemetery operations in Ontario.  A provincial law called the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act is in place and many of the regulations in the Town of Lincoln Cemetery Bylaw are legally required by this provincial law.

One of the roles of the Ministry is to protect you - the consumer.  This includes making sure that the Cemeteries are well maintained for your family members - now and in the distant future.  This is a long-term commitment and you need to know that the money will be there in decades to come.

To ensure that money will be available in the future, the law states that the owner of a Cemetery (in this case, the Town of Lincoln) must have separate Care and Maintenance Funds set aside.  A portion of the money that you pay when you purchase interment rights is put into these Care and Maintenance Trust Funds.  Only the interest that is made by investing the fund's money is used to maintain the Cemetery over the years.

  • Care and Maintenance (General): The investment income from this fund is used for the general upkeep and maintenance of the Cemetery and lots. The minimum amount that must be put into the trust fund is legislated by the Cemetery Act and is also shown on the Cemetery Schedule of Rates and Fees. The amount is part of what you pay when you purchase your interment rights (right to use a lot for burial).

  • Care and Maintenance Fund (Markers): The investment income from this trust fund is used to maintain the safety of markers and monuments in the Cemetery. Again, the Act and the Cemetery Schedule of Rates and fees lists the minimum amount that must be collected and deposited into the fund. This fee is paid when a marker or monument is purchased.

Markers and Monuments

Markers and monuments are often referred to as "memorials".  Placement of memorials fills two needs.  They mark the location of your grave and provide your family with something permanent and personal to look at when visiting the Cemetery.  It is up to the family to make arrangements for a memorial, but most families do so as it also provides a history for future generations.

The section of the Cemetery and the type of grave you choose will determine the type of memorial you can place on the grave.

  • Markers are memorials of granite or marble that are set flush with the ground at the head of a grave. They are often referred to as "flat markers".

  • Monuments are permanent memorials projecting above ground level that are centrally placed at the head of a grave. They are often called "upright monuments" and require a concrete foundation before the monument can be put in place.

Size regulations for both markers and monuments are listed in the Cemetery Bylaw. Monument dealers will contact the office on your behalf if they require further information about memorial regulations.

What Can Be Added To My Lot?

Many people like to put flowers and wreaths on their family member's lot.  These are referred to as "lot decorations".

Approved lot decorations are always welcomed.  However, they must be safe; add to the overall appearance of the Cemetery; and not interfere with maintenance of the Cemetery grounds.

There are several regulations in the Cemetery Bylaw concerning lot decorations.  It is strongly suggested that these be read before placing any decorations on a lot.

Please note that the type of memorial (flat marker or upright monument) influences the type of lot decoration that may be placed on a lot.  As well, some types of lot decorations are only allowed during certain seasons.

In general, approved lot decorations may include:

  • pot stands with live plants;
  • artificial wreaths on wire tripod stands;
  • saddle wreaths (fit on top of a monument);
  • flowerbeds (upright monuments only);
  • dwarf evergreen shrubs.

Staff at the Corporate Services Department would be pleased to provide further information about the Town’s Municipal Cemeteries.


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