By-law Enforcement

Municipal By-law Enforcement

The Town oversees the administration of the enforcement of the municipality's regulatory by-laws.  Enforcement is accomplished utilizing the services of three specialized firms/agencies which have jurisdiction and authority to administer the by-laws of the Town in the areas of canine/animal control, general by-law enforcement services and parking enforcement.

Municipal By-law Enforcement Policy

The policy attempts to balance the needs of enforcement with the priorities of the Town of Lincoln while recognizing the need for confidentiality and due process.  The fundamental concepts of the policy provide:

  • Council is committed to the thorough, prompt and courteous receipt, processing, investigation and resolution of formal complaints within a reasonable amount of time
  • The Town of Lincoln will respond to formal complaints received from a complainant who shall provide their full name, telephone number and address (anonymous complaints will not be accepted)
  • The name and any personal information provided by a complainant will remain in the strictest confidence in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will not be revealed to anyone
  • The confidentiality of the personal information of every alleged offender shall likewise be protected and respected.

Concern regarding violation of a By-law

The Town of Lincoln encourages everyone to be good neighbours and communicate with each other to resolve problems without the need for official intervention by enforcement officers.   Occasions do arise, however, where it is appropriate to approach the Town for assistance.

Please consider the following when reporting a concern:

  • The Town encourages all complaints to be in writing, in your own words, describing the situation and detailing the nature of what the problem is, along with your suggestion as to the ideal solution to the problem
  • Cannot be anonymous 
  • The complaint may be in the form of a letter, the template form, or online:

Remember, it is important for the complainant to identify him or herself, so that an officer can obtain additional information regarding possible by-law violations and so that the officer can advise the complainant of the results of the investigation.

Upon receipt of a complaint, the Town will route the complaint to the appropriate enforcement agency for investigation and follow up.  While the Town cannot guarantee that the ideal solution will be attained for every problem;  enforcement will be undertaken to the extent possible or required by law.

Personal information contained in the form below is collected pursuant the Municipal Act and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used for the purpose of responding to the Complaint. Questions about this collection should be directed to By-law Enforcement at 905-563-8205.


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