Financial Statements

Financial Statements

The Consolidated Financial Statements of the Town of Lincoln provide important information about the overall financial condition of the Town. The purpose of the consolidated financial statements is to present the effects of transactions of the Town taking into consideration the accounting for all Town Funds and associated town business enterprises.

2005 Financial Statements

2006 Financial Statements

2007 Financial Statements

2008 Financial Statements

2009 Financial Statements

2010 Financial Statements

2011 Financial Statements

2012 Financial Statements

2013 Financial Statements

2014 Financial Statements

2015 Financial Statements

2016 Financial Statements

Municipal Performance Measurement

The Province of Ontario has developed a Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP) which require municipalities to report to the ratepayers on specific aspects of the operation of the municipality. The purpose of this program is to better inform ratepayers, and to encourage results oriented municipal governance and management. These measures, over years, will document any changes in the performance of specific services provided by the municipality.

MPMP is a performance measurement and reporting system established in 2000 that promotes local government transparency and accountability. It also provides municipalities with useful data to make informed municipal service level decisions while optimizing available resources.

For the 2014 year, all municipalities are required to report their data to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing by May 31, 2015, by including the data in Schedule 80D of their Financial Information Return (FIR). 

2004 MPMP Results

2005 MPMP Results

2006 MPMP Results

2007 MPMP Results

2008 MPMP Results
2009 MPMP Results

2010 MPMP Results

2011 MPMP Results

2012 MPMP Results

2013 MPMP Results


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