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Road Resurfacing/Rehabilitation Program & Urban Road Reconstruction Projects (10 Year Capital Plan)

Link to Road Infrastructure Booklet outlining roads, bridges and culverts being improved in 2017

Roads, transportation and traffic are considered to be one of the top priorities that Council is focused on as highlighted in their Future Focus Corporate Plan, 2014-2018.  To “continue deliberate and purposeful planning resulting in improved road conditions, travel options, safety and convenience” is the service delivery statement that provides the framework for staff to complete road works.

Annually, the Town of Lincoln prepares a tender to engage the services of a contractor(s) to complete the Road Resurfacing and Rehabilitation Program.  To determine what road candidates and their rehabilitation strategy will be, the following main recommendations, from the Road Rationalization Review, are taken into consideration:

  • The 2012 Road Needs Study (RNS) evaluated the condition of each road and determined the “time of need” for improvement.  The RNS also recommended the best type of improvement measure to address the road need such as; base and surface rehabilitation, resurfacing, surface treatment, etc.
  • Program expenditures focus on a balanced approach on both keeping the good roads good and also addressing deteriorated roads that have passed their useful life cycle.
  • Pavement management strategy of preserving the good roads from getting worse in order to optimize the asset life cycle and minimize the overall investment (best return on investment).
  • As a minimum maintain an annual budget level of $1.7 million.
  • Complete long sections of road and cluster road work where appropriate to take advantage of economies of scale with contract pricing by reducing mobilization costs and using more material quantities at one location.
  • 10 Year Capital Plan was updated and prioritized to reflect the RNS findings and Road Rationalization Review recommendations.

In addition to the above, the following two (2) lists provide brief summaries of the priority criteria and rationale used in selecting road candidates for the rehabilitation and resurfacing/sealing portions of the program.

Road Rehabilitation Portion (Addressing Deteriorated Roads)                          

  • Roads in very poor condition.
  • Hard surface has deteriorated to a level where maintenance patching operations are no longer effective requiring that large portions of the road to be temporarily maintained by loose granular material.
  • Long sections of road included to take advantage of economies of scale with contract pricing.
  • Clustering road work to take advantage of contract pricing in terms of reducing contractor mobilization costs. 
  • There is a presence of homes along the road length.

Road Resurfacing/Sealing Portion (Keeping Good Roads Good)

  • Primary roads in satisfactory condition that require the surface to be sealed.
  • Roads in overall satisfactory condition where the Town has recently invested pavement edging improvements that should now be uniformly surface sealed.
  • Long sections of road included to take advantage of economies of scale with contract pricing.
  • Clustering road work to take advantage of contract pricing in terms of reducing contractor mobilization costs.
  • Roads that have been previously surface treated (tar & chip) in last 7 to 10 years.  The Road Rationalization Review recommended that on average surface treated roads should be “retreated” every 7 years to preserve the pavement surface in order to maximize the service life of the road asset in the long term.

As shown on the map for the Proposed Road Resurfacing/Rehabilitation Program & Urban Road Reconstruction Projects As Per The Town Of Lincoln’s 10 Year Capital Plan, past and future road projects (within Council’s current term of office) are highlighted for review.  The 10 Year Capital Plan for road rehabilitation/reconstruction projects was developed taking into consideration future development pressures, underground servicing requirements and all of the previously noted factors.  However, it’s also identified that Town staff reviews road conditions annually to see if their condition/performance warrants a sooner timing for road rehabilitation in comparison to other roads.

Once every two (2) years, the Town’s bridges and culverts are inspected by a structural engineering consultant to closely monitor their performance and condition.  The results of these inspections are then used to update the Town’s capital forecast plan for bridge and culvert infrastructure.

To review bridge and culvert improvement or replacement schedules (to 2018): Proposed Bridges & Culverts Improvements/Replacements Program As Per The Town Of Lincoln 10 Year Capital Plan.

4 Year Capital Plan - Roads

4 Year Capital Plan - Culverts








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