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What is a Quality Management System (QMS)?


A QMS is a set of policies and procedures required for planning and running the core business area of an organization.  Lincoln’s water distribution system has a core business of delivering clean, safe drinking water to consumers.


A QMS enables an organization to identify, measure, control and improve its processes, ultimately leading to improved performance.





Why implement a QMS?


The drinking water QMS is a way of ensuring that the Town of Lincoln is consistently in control of the quality of service and the water that it supplies to its customers.


A QMS is in place for Drinking Water related activities, and is a requirement of the Ministry of the Environment’s new initiative – Municipal Drinking Water Licensing Program. 


The benefits of having a QMS include ensuring consistency of practice and operation and ensuring that everyone associated with the system is striving to reduce the risks potentially affecting the system.





How is Quality maintained?


In order to produce results of desired quality, the Town of Lincoln ensures that it follows best practices.  This is an integral part of water system management and quality management.


Quality management involves the process of continual improvement.  Continual improvement begins with every person associated with the QMS and reaches all parts of the system. 


The Town of Lincoln's QMS Policy

The Town of Lincoln has developed a Quality Management System for Drinking Water  in order to obtain its Municipal Drinking Water License.  The 'road-map' to this system is called the Operational Plan, which describes the key water processes in place at the Town of Lincoln, and where to find more information. 

The QMS Operational Plan is available for public viewing at the Public Works counter in Town Hall.

The Town of Lincoln's QMS Policy, which is a statement of its commitments related to management of water quality, can be viewed in the Opreational Plan, or by following this link: QMS Policy.

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