Notice of Intention to Designate the Beamsville District Secondary School


TAKE NOTICE that Council of the Corporation of the Town of Lincoln intends to designate the following buildings to be of cultural heritage value or interest under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act:


THE REASON for the proposed designation is to recognize key attributes of the American Beaux-Arts architecture of the original 1917 and the Neoclassical architecture of the 1924 building.  From an architectural point of view, the Town of Lincoln intends to designate and keep the original façade and pillars of both the 1917 and 1924 buildings. Those features create the landmark aspect of this property. It is an imposing force on the rest of the street and is unique to the residential surroundings.

Beamsville District Secondary School has been the only high school in the Town of Lincoln since 1888. Originally Beamsville High School was located on King and William Street. In 1895, the Ontario Department of Education selected Beamsville as the centre of training for its Normal or Model School program which was designed to prepare future teachers. In 1912 the small High School could not keep up with the increase in children and so property was purchased from A.D. Fleming. The building was designed by Walter William LaChance (a Canadian architect who gained a variety of working experience designing, schools, jails in several American states, and credited with the invention of the LaChance patent electric locking device for prison doors) and was built by local contracting firm L.E. Huntsman. In 1924 an addition to the high school was built which included a community hall/gymnasium capable of seating 700 people which would make it the largest community hall in the community for many years. The hall would be used as a site for political rallies, local entertainment, and other social functions thus creating a closer bond between the community and the school. Throughout the years, Beamsville District Secondary School has changed with the communities needs creating laboratories, music, art, computer and communication rooms, machine, woodworking, auto and welding shops, teaching theatre, robotics, autocad, and gymnasiums and sport facilities were built. The building materials of the original structure also are important to the community as the stone and brick was obtained locally.

Beamsville District Secondary School from its erection to present day has involved the community and has acted as one of a few focal points in the Town of Lincoln. From educating youth to the dominance of its structure around the surrounding area, it could be considered to be one of the cornerstones of not only Beamsville but the Town of Lincoln as a whole.

ANY PERSON may within thirty days of the publication of this notice, send by registered mail or deliver to the Clerk of The Corporation of the Town of Lincoln his or her objection to the proposed designation, together with a statement of the reasons for the objection and all relevant facts.  If a Notice of Objection is received, the Council of The Corporation of the Town of Lincoln will refer the matter to the Conservation Review Board for a hearing and report.

FURTHER INFORMATION respecting the proposed designation is available from the municipality by contacting Monika Cocchiara, Senior Policy and Development Planner at (905) 563-8205 Ext 270 or by email

THIS NOTICE PUBLISHED on the 10th day of August 2017.

William Kolasa,
Town of Lincoln
Director of Corporate Services/Clerk,
4800 South Service Road, Beamsville ON L0R 1B1.

4800 South Service Road
Beamsville, Ontario
L0R 1B1

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