LED Streetlight Conversion Project and FAQs

Commencing the week of November 30, 2015 the Town of Lincoln LED Streetlight Conversion Project will begin. This work involves the contractor (Real Term Energy) removing all existing Cobra Head streetlights and replacing them with LED lights on all Town of Lincoln roadways. The Town of Lincoln anticipates this work will be completed before January 1, 2016. 


Why is the Municipality of Lincoln doing an LED streetlight retrofit?

The Municipality wants to reduce its energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and maintenance costs associated with streetlights. Installing LED streetlights will save energy, help improve our environmental footprint, require less maintenance, and provide the community with better light quality on our streets and roadways.

What are LED streetlights?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. LED streetlights are extremely energy efficient, have long life spans (over 20 years), and produce better color and light quality than typical High Pressure Sodium (HPS) streetlights.

What are the benefits of the LED streetlight retrofit project?

  • More even and efficient distribution of light and better quality of light resulting in increased safety;
  • Reduced energy consumption resulting in energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • Reduced outages and longer light life spans resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

Why now?

Innovations in LED technology and production methods have resulted in dramatically reduced pricing for LED street lights in recent years. LED luminaires are a small component of overall production costs, which for many manufacturers have now stabilized. Given the cost of maintaining an old and expensive lighting system versus the immediate savings, which LED street lighting can provide, and the answer is LED. The Municipality will also benefit from an incentive, which will substantially reduce the total cost of the project.

How many streetlights will be replaced with LED street lights?

This project will replace 1,463 streetlights throughout the Municipality and replace them with LED streetlights from CREE Canada. Cree is a market leader with thousands of successful LED installations worldwide, including over 100,000 thousands streetlights in Ontario.

What are the anticipated installation impacts for my neighbourhood?

It is anticipated that residents and business owners will experience only minor impacts as a result of this project. There will be no permanent construction sites, as crews will be mobile during the installation phase. Proper traffic control will be in effect, with clear signage directing motorists around the installation locations.

When will the work take place?

Residents will soon start noticing improved lighting along streets and roads. The new LED fixtures will be installed in December 2015.

What is the Municipality doing with all of the streetlights that are being removed?

The existing High Pressure Sodium (HPS) streetlights will be removed and fully recycled at qualified environmental disposal centers.

How much will the Municipality save when it upgrades to LED street light fixtures?

The Municipality expects to save an estimated 537,315 kilowatt-hours of energy per year, equivalent to a 63% reduction, compared to our current consumption. LEDs will also help the Municipality reduce maintenance costs by up to 80% because LEDs are a solid state technology (no moving parts) and last up to four times longer than the Municipality’s existing streetlights. The retrofit will also improve the Municipality’s environmental footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 41 metric tonnes annually, equivalent to the carbon removed by more than 1,000 tree seedlings grown over 10 years.

Will LEDs reduce or contribute to the ever-increasing light pollution problem?

LED lights actually eliminate the “orange sky glow” found over many cities since the LED is directional and does not disperse in all directions the same way older light technologies do. Regarding night sky pollution, the Cree LED fixtures proposed are “Dark Sky Compliant” as all light is directed downward.


For more information, please contact Walter Neubauer, CET, Manager of Technical Services at (905) 563-8205 Ext. 278.

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