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Town of Lincoln

Municipal Drinking Water Lead Testing Program

In July of 2007, the Ministry of Environment made considerable changes to the current regulations in place for sampling and testing for lead in drinking water systems. In addition to increasing the number and frequency of samples required to be taken on the water systems themselves, the new amendments now require municipalities to regularly sample and test for lead at water taps within private homes or businesses.

The new testing requirements direct municipalities to focus the testing on private buildings with plumbing thought to contain lead materials (i.e. lead pipe or lead-based soldering). However, municipalities typically do not keep records of private plumbing systems and therefore, the location of these structures is largely unknown.

The Town will be continuing its lead testing program, although testing for lead in residences is not part of its current program, based on regulatory exemptions and test results from previous years.  However, should the Town change that program, the Town may continue to make a focused effort to contact owners of properties containing older homes, primarily buildings built before 1955 as materials containing lead were more commonly used for plumbing before that time.

What’s required?
• Pre-inspection of your home or business to determine if you qualify (approx. 1 hour) if you have not previously participated in the testing program.
• Water samples taken twice per year (approx. 30 min. per sample)
• Access to your home/business is scheduled during regular business hours (7:30am to 3:00pm Mon. to Fri.)

Who should participate?
• Anyone with a municipal water connection.

This program may be of particular interest to the following:
• If your home or business was built prior to 1955.
• If your home or business contains lead plumbing or a private water service.
• If your home or business is thought to contain piping with lead-based solder joints.

What if lead is found in samples from my home or business?
• Town will notify you of all test results.
• Town will notify the Medical Officer of Health, as required by legislation.
• Recommendations from the Medical Officer of Health concerning private plumbing will be relayed to private property owners.
• Any remedial action required with respect to private plumbing will be the property owner’s responsibility to carry out, at their cost.

Potential participants with any additional questions you may have are asked to contact the Public Works Department at (905) 563-8205 Ext. 286.

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