Canada 150 Committee

Town of Lincoln Canada 150 Anniversary Committee

Canada's 150 Committee is established as an ad hoc committee to provide recommendations to Council for marking Canada’s Sesquicentennial, the 150th Anniversary of the founding of Canada. Ideally the community investment will result in a number of legacy projects that will support the development of long term cultural programming in Lincoln. This diverse and creative group is comprised of members of Town Council, community partners and staff who will act as champions for celebration activities, inspire citizen involvement, and facilitate the planning and delivery of local celebrations throughout 2017.

Nancy Siciliana – Chair
Mayor Easton - Honorary Chair
Councillors Lynn Timmers, Wayne MacMillan, and JD Pachereva
Beth Labrie - Community Member
Cathy McNiven - Community Member
Margaret Andrewes - Community Member
Rhiannon Hoadley - Youth Leader
Andrea Chambers - Executive Assistant to CEO Mayor Easton and CAO Michael Kirkopolous
Sylvia Beben - Special Events and Program Facilitator
Lori Laird - Recreation Coordinator
Carrie Beatty – Senior Communications Advisor (ad hoc)

Committee Members are responsible for:

  • A work plan based on specific events and initiatives
  • Contributing positively to Canada 150 as it evolves through different planning and development phases
  • Considering issues from a broad perspective, while at the same time representing specific sectors, communities, or viewpoints
  • Meetings and maintain a commitment to Canada 150

Term of Appointments
Canada's 150th Committee will exist until the end of 2017.

Reporting Relationship
This Committee is a Steering Committee reporting to Council through the Sport, Recreation and Culture Committee for the duration of the Sesquicentennial Events in Lincoln. A common calendar will be made available on the Town of Lincoln website to assist with Town wide access to information and avoid duplication in scheduling events.

Schedule of Meetings
As required to complete committee and sub-committee work.


  • To develop a vision with a defined theme to implement a community celebration around Canada’s 150th.
  • Develop a plan to implement and manage projects and events that support that vision, including a communication plan
  • To establish through Council an appropriate budget for the event and need for staff resources to support the event
  • To develop a comprehensive fundraising and sponsorship plan for the event
  • Identify potential corporate and volunteer partners that will allow the celebration to expand throughout the community, be inclusive, diverse and be promoted by a variety of groups
  • Oversee implementation of the celebration events during 2017


  • Committee creates a Sesquicentennial movement throughout Lincoln
  • Committee identifies and develops at least one lasting legacy project that will have long-lasting impact on community identity
  • A broad range of stakeholders and interested citizens are successful in contributing to and participating in the Sesquicentennial movement in Lincoln so that all residents feel they have had the opportunity to participate in Lincoln’s Sesquicentennial
  • We will have learned new ways to work together that increase our connectivity and capacity for creativity and innovation.

Terms of reference:
DEVELOPMENT: Committee will set the short and long term goals for the celebration and ensure that they are being met.
COLLABORATION: Committee will identify and work with partners to brand and promote cooperation and cross promotion between the numerous major events in the Town during 2017 in keeping with a decided theme.
PROMOTION: Committee will oversee the planning and implementation of a promotional campaign to encourage participation in the events by people from Lincoln as well as to attract visitors and tourists to join the celebration.
FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY: In accordance with Town policies, Committee will work with Council and partners to develop a program for the celebration and a budget and other resources necessary to support the implementation of the celebration within the budget established.
IMPLEMENTATION: Committee will provide the necessary guidance to staff and volunteers to undertake the delivery of the celebration in 2017.
ACCOUNTABILITY: Committee minutes will be provided to Council for approval.

4800 South Service Road
Beamsville, Ontario
L0R 1B1

TEL: 905-563-8205
FAX: 905-563-6566
Emergency After-hours: 905-641-0971

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