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The Building Division is responsible the administration and enforcement of the Ontario Building Code. The Ontario Building Code regulations set the standards for new construction, including renovations and changes in use and at what stages of construction a building must be inspected. A permit is required from the Building Division prior to proceeding with any construction. Therefore contact must be made with the Building Division to ensure that the required permit is obtained. The Building Division carries out inspections for a number of purposes, with public service, public health and safety being the main concerns. The Building Division is responsible for the issuance of the following permits:

  • Building Permits
  • Demolition Permits
  • Change of Use Permits
  • Plumbing Permits.

The Building Division is also responsible for the Town's Street Numbering.

Building Permit Fees Reporting

Section 7(4) of the Building Code Act states that every twelve months, each municipality shall prepare a report that contain such information as may be prescribed about any fees authorized under the Act and costs of the municipality to administer and enforce the Act in its area of jurisdiction.

Total Fees:  This refers to revenues generated from building permit fees.  This does not include revenues generated from other sources such as fines or fees or revenues for other municipal services.

Direct and Indirect Costs:  The second component of the annual report sets out the direct and indirect costs of administration and enforcement of the building service.  Direct costs are the costs of the building department itself, while indirect costs are for services provided to the building department by other departments within the municipality.

Reserve Fund:  The final component is to report on a reserve fund.  Reserves are created when the total fees received exceed the total direct and indirect costs.  Reserve funds are intended to be set aside to offset costs in years where building fee revenues are less than the costs of delivering the building service.

2006 Building Permit Fee Report

2007 Building Permit Fee Report

2008 Building Permit Fee Report

2009 Building Permit Fee Report

2010 Building Permit Fee Report

2011 Building Permit Fee Report

2012 Building Permit Fee Report

2013 Building Permit Fee Report

2014 Building Permit Fee Report

2015 Building Permit Fee Report

2016 Building Permit Fee Report

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