Anti-Icing Program

Anti-icing is the application of an ice melting product onto the road surface before an ice build-up occurs.  It has been noted that a pre-wetted or liquid applied anti-icing product is considered to be much more effective in comparison to a dry applied product that relies on precipitation/moisture to start working.  For example, when using dry sand/salt for anti-icing, it has been observed that a considerable amount of material can end of getting “lost” from the road surface which can be attributed to many different factors (ie. ambient temperature, wind conditions, traffic volumes, time of day, etc.).  Using this method, a lot of material ends up in catch basins, roadside ditches, creeks, etc.

The Town’s, liquid applied anti-icing strategy is used as a pro-active measure to treat dry roads in advance of a forecasted winter event that is predicted with a high probability of occurring.  When precipitation (ie. freezing rain, snow, etc.) starts to fall and contacts with the road surface, the pre-applied anti-icing product begins to react, and prevents ice/snow from bonding to the road surface, thus providing immediate traction for motorists.

Currently, the product used for this program is a blend of degraded sugar beet juice, sodium chloride (salt), and water.  The making of an all-natural, agricultural product derived from renewable resources blended with sodium chloride has proven to be an effective ice control product used by municipalities.  As an additional benefit, this sugar beet juice based liquid has the ability to respond to icy conditions in lower temperatures than traditional salt brines.

The use of a four-tonne flatbed truck equipped with a tank, pump and spray bar system is used to apply the beet juice based product.









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